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Payments Links Tutorial

Hubpay’s Payment links offer a convenient way to business owners to collect payments from third parties in their local currency against invoices issued in USD. These links are not unique to the invoice amount, and can be used any number of times to collect outstanding payments against your invoices to customers.

The following steps explain how seamless the process is:

To get started, request a payment link to be generated by our team at Hubpay. Once done, the payment link can be accessed from your Hubpay corporate portal at any time.

You can copy the URL of the payment link and send it to your customer via email, text or add the link on the invoice.

3. Your customer enters the details

When the customer accesses the payment link, they will be able to view a live rate of the currency in which they are paying and enter the amount of the invoice in USD to see their total payable in the local currency. They can choose to fulfil their payment via a local bank transfer, wallet or any other means.

4. Payment complete

Once the payment is made, Hubpay will notify you that the funds have been received and your USD wallet will be credited to reflect the amount.

For a quick look at how your customer will pay through the payment link, watch this video demo: